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Giant Goose Lake: 121 surface acres
Extremely deep and crystal clear with average visibility of 10-15 feet all Year, weeds growing down to 40 feet, many submerged islands, max depth 81 feet, over 2.5 miles long with 6 miles of shoreline. There is a 22 acre sanctuary on the North end of the lake that is a No Fishing Zone. Great lake for trophy largemouth bass, good numbers of bluegill, fair for crappie, bonus species are walleye and hybrid striped bass.

Ski Lake: 33 surface acres
Extremely deep and crystal clear with visibility of 15-20 feet all Year, vegetation mainly along the shorelines, mostly open water, 1.1 miles long with 3.5 miles of shoreline, max depth is 62 feet deep. There is a swimming beach on the west end of the lake. This is our main Hybrid Striped Bass lake with over 3,000 Hybrid Striped Bass stocked annually. Also good for largemouth, bluegill, and crappie.

Spool Lake: 24 surface acres
Heavily fertilized lake with an average 4-8 feet of visibility during Spring, Summer, and Fall. 1.3 miles long with 3 miles of shoreline. Submerged gravel road that crosses the lake near the center is great habitat. Gizzard Shad forage base, max depth 65 feet. Main Species are tiger muskie and fat largemouth bass.

High Rise Lake: 12 surface acres
Crystal clear water year-round and perfect for scuba diving with the old mining debris and submerged flooded structures. Max depth is 31 feet and visibility is 20+ feet year-round. A lot of bottom contour and weeds growing down to 25 feet in places. Key Notes are mandatory removal of all largemouth bass and bluegill from this lake. Main species are rainbow trout and yellow perch. Smallmouth bass will be introduced in 2017.

Bo's Lake: 10 surface acres
Heavily Fertilized with visibility of 3-6 feet most of the year. Max depth of 21 feet. Good trees for structure along the shorelines. Good bluegill and crappie, some northern and walleye.

West Lake: 9 surface acres
Shallow and weedy with a max depth of 21 feet. Full of Gizzard Shad as well as many fat and happy Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike. A lot of islands, humps, peninsulas, and flats. Panfish fishing is very poor in this lake.

Meadows Lake: 8 surface acres
Newly renovated this lake is full of deep channels, shallow flats, islands and contour. All fishing is catch and release for 2017 but the fishery is producing many big bass and bluegill already!

Catfish Canyon: 6 surface acres
Very shallow and no weeds with a max depth of 7' currently, but is under renovation and will become 9 acres with max depth of 13’. The Big Lake spills into Catfish Canyon and many big walleye and bass are caught in here each year! Full of gizzard shad and carp and some decent crappie too. The predators grow quickly with the abundant forage.

Smallmouth Lake: 2 surface acres
We just created the ultimate smallmouth bass fishing pond in the fall of 2014 and stocked it with big 2-4 lb broodstock smallmouth bass! This pond is designed for catch and release fishing and the SMB offspring will be used for stocking many other lakes and ponds at the ranch!

Inspiration Pond: 2 surface acres
This pond is newly renovated and the focus is on kid fishing only. Full of rainbow trout, hybrid bluegill, channel catfish, bullheads, and several other bonus species of fish. This is the pond to bring the kids fishing to for lots of action!

Campground Lakes and Ponds
Most of the campsites are lake-front and the campsites sit along the banks of 15 different lakes and ponds. These ponds all have various species of fish stocked in them and you just never know what you will catch while fishing from the banks or from your private dock.

The Specialty Lakes and Ponds
There are smaller lakes and ponds tucked back into the 4 corners of the property and all the nooks and crannies in between. Many of these lakes are in the process of being killed out and started over with specialty fish such as Bowfin, Alligator and Shortnose Gar, Redbreasted and Longear Sunfish, Carp, Blue Catfish, Yellow Perch, Hybrid Bluegill, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Chubsuckers, Forage Minnows, and many other oddball species of fish.